Tyranny of Dragons Complete Bundle – Sean’s Pick, 030218

We’re closing out Bundle of Joy Week with this rather spectacular offering for 5e Dungeon Masters (and the players who love them) – DDEX1 Tyranny of Dragons Complete Bundle. A players’ pack and fourteen modules to give you a complete campaign for just over $25. It’s actually one of a whole slew of Adventurer’s League bundles that will keep D&D groups going for months or even years.

(The text from the Player’s Pack and the first module) –

Tyranny of Dragons Player’s Pack (5e)

The D&D Adventurer’s League is an ongoing official organized play campaign for Dungeons & Dragons. It uses the fifth edition of the Dungeons & Dragons rules, and features the Forgotten Realms setting.This Player’s Pack includes:

Adventurers League Quickstart Guide Adventurers League Player’s Guide Adventurers adventure logsheet Adventurers character sheet

Defiance in Phlan

The Cult of the Dragon has come to Phlan, a lawless refuge on the Moonsea. Now, with no significant authority to stop the cult, other power groups in the Realms–the Harpers, Order of the Gauntlet, Emerald Enclave, Lords’ Alliance , and even the Zhentarim–must untite to stop the cult from fulfilling its dark purpose in the city. Join the fight by participating in any one of five different missions aimed at stopping the cult.

An introductory adventure for 1st-level characters.

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