LPJ Design Pathfinder Megabundle – Sean’s Pick, 022718

As we roll on through Bundle of Joy Week, celebrating those grand collections of products that give you a “lump sum” of great gaming stuff for a nice discount, we cannot possibly ignore the Pathfinder elephant in the room. LPJ Design has over 225 Pathfinder products out, which would normally cost you over $620 to buy. But not today. Today, you get them for way, way less.

Better get on this, though! It could disappear any day now.

That is right for the first time ever, the LPJ Design MEGA Bundle for Pathfinder RPG products will be available for only $29.99. We are bundling up all of the Pathfinder RPG products we made into ONE BUNDLE and reducing the total price by OVER 95%! Over 225 products for less than 15 CENTS A PRODUCT! I think you should have your $29.99 ready to get all these awesome products. And once again, you can blame Owen KC Stephens for this. 

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