A Fistful of Coppers – Sean’s Pick, 022618

With the release of the collection of best-selling titles on the Dungeon Masters Guild site – A Fistful of Coppers – I figured this might be a great week to feature deal-a-riffic bundles of gaming greatness. These are those collections of products that let you get a whole slew of things for a nice discount. Best of all, the systems used by DriveThruRPG and Dungeon Masters Guild means you don’t get a raw deal if you already have something in a bundle you’re looking to buy – you get credit for that.

So welcome to Bundle of Joy Week here at the SPOD, launching with a selection of best-of-show from those making 5e gaming goodness.

A constellation of DM’s Guild stars have joined forces to bring you a collection of some of the Guild’s BEST SELLING products!

In this veritable bag of holding for best-sellers, you’ll find a huge variety of content in more than two dozen different products, ranging from powerful magic items to incredibly useful DM aids to unique player options to exciting adventures. And you’re certain to find awesome stuff, because each and every one is a highly-rated medal winner!

More than 800 pages of the most popular content on the Guild. Dozens of hours of entertainment of the highest possible quality. All for more than 66% OFF the cover price. If you bought each of these products individually, you’d pay over $60!

Check out the preview for detailed descriptions of each of the products in “A Fistful of Coppers.”

Featuring the work of veteran Guild creators Phil Beckwith (of PB Publishing), Christian Eichhorn, Jeff Stevens, Andrew Cawood, Richie Root, Jean Lorber, Jeremy Forbing, Adam Hancock, Tony Petrecca, Travis Legge, Janek Sielicki, Kerry Jordan, Chris Bissette (of Loot The Room), Alan Tucker, and R P Davis, grab your Fistful of Coppers NOW!

[Click here to see the full list of what’s inside]

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