Dark Brigade – Sean’s Pick, 022118

We continue to recon through Special Ops Gaming Week – celebrating many of the great games and ideas that inspired the upcoming Freedom Squadron – with one of my favorite things my friend Eddy Webb ever created. Dark Brigade is a Cartoon Action Hour: Season 3 series that focuses on paranormal special ops agents going head-to-head with a truly evil bunch of monsters to save the world. I had a chance to play this at AndoCon* a few years back, and it was just a whole lot of fun! Definitely an inspiration to my own work.

(*) – I am a Guest again this year, all for the launch of our Freedom Squadron Kickstarter!

Eleven years and two Cartoon Action Hour editions later, the Dark Brigade series (by Eddy himself) is back due to popular demand!  

In this deluxe Cartoon Action Hour: Season 3 series book, the elite para-military group known as the Dark Brigade finds itself at odds with the vampiric Lord Syn and his vile Brotherhood of Death, as they wage war all over the world in an exciting struggle of good versus evil! 

• Information about the fictitious cartoon series.

• Exhaustive details about the two factions and their various ally groups such as EVE X and the Order of Charr.

• Write-ups and stats for 15 Game Master Characters, 9 vehicles, 2 playsets, 6 weapons, 5 types of Goons and 3 generic minor villains.

• Information about the various supernatural races found in the series, including two varieties of zombie, ghouls, gillmen, two varieties of vampires, wolfmen, goblins, witches, mummies and golems.

• Details for creating your own Player Characters.

• Twelve episode seeds, including the epic “Darkness Unleashed”, The Dark Brigade movie. Additionally, each seed includes advice for setting up and running it.

• Tons of fantastic art!

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