Toxic Masculinity and Bro Culture Needs to GO

(Note – the linked article has some harsh language).

I was tagged by someone I interact frequently with in regards to the issues we have in the tabletop/adventure gaming community. As much as I love to talk about my gaming family and community – how awesome they are, how supportive – I often get called out for not seeing “the other, ugly side” of it all.

We are now having those conversations, and as someone with a voice in the larger community, it’s long past time I help this conversation happen.

This article strike home harder than it might seem it should. What does hiking long distances have to do with gaming? Very little, certainly.

But the concept of culture, community, and conflict within is almost identically the same in any sub-culture that supposedly welcomes all… yet fails utterly to do so.

I challenge you to read this. Substitute the hiking elements with the concepts of going to gaming conventions and stores, and the rest slides directly and accurately into place.

This is us, folks. Not all of us… but enough of us to warrant some serious consideration and house-cleaning.

Why I Got Off the Pacific Crest Trail After 454 Miles Instead of Walking All the Way to Canada

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  1. Fub February 11, 2018 6:52 pm  Reply

    I can recommend The Watch, which is an RPG about literally fighting against toxic masculinity — and winning.

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