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Here in the middle of Adventures in D&D Week, let’s take a look at the “A Series” published by Troll Lord Games. Great folks publishing high-quality stuff (including their extremely popular Castles & Crusades OSR system), they delved into the 5th Edition era with a line of classic-style modules. It all began with the highly-rated A1: Assault on Blacktooth Ridge, and now we have the latest in that series – A12: The Paladin’s Lament. Anyone wanting a fully-fleshed out and compelling campaign to try their hand at running in 5e should check this out.

5th Edition Adventures

A12 The Paladin’s Lament


Where the Wasting Way ends the gates begin. Named the Ahargon Den, the Mouth of Darkness, the gates stand beneath the dark shadow of Aufstrag, offering entrance to those pits of Hell. But before taking the gates one must pass a wilderness of dangers.

The weak suffer only loss.

A high-level adventure for a party of 3-6 characters. Play as stand-alone or part of a larger series.


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