A Fistful of Dragons – Sean’s Pick, 012218

Today I am launching Adventures in D&D Week with this new offering from Dias Ex Machina GamesChris Dias got on a lot of folks radars as someone who could make 4th Edition a lot more fun than some thought possible, and now he’s tackling 5e with the same enthusiasm, creativity, and talent. So as I am fond of saying in my sign-off on EN World – “The Adventure Continues!”

PS – Take a look at the “Publisher’s Note” at the bottom of the description. That kind of foresight and honesty is what makes for a good publisher. It’s also really smart, as it cuts off nitpickers at the pass.

If only there were real dragons…

The town of Miasto is not a destination. 

It won’t lead to an epic quest or forge long-standing relationships. 

It certainly won’t be a place to settle down in. 

But it could just be the right place at the right time for strangers to make difference. 

In a town absent of leadership, corrupt guilds have employed coercion, theft, and violence to increase power. 

Adventurers arrive amidst growing tension and meet a simple merchant with an equally simple task—return stolen property and perhaps avert a war in the streets.

But in a town full of charlatans, murderers and thieves, who does one trust?

A 5E adventure intended for 4-6 characters of 4th level, this adventure employs more stealth and trickery than direct combat. 

Expect anything. 

Believe no one.

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: Although being listed at 62 pages, this adventure intentionally repeats monster entries for each encounter, repeating again with the appendix.  As such, this adventure is closer to 50 pages.  

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