Shadowrun: Runner’s Companion – Sean’s Pick, 011718

As we roll on through Guiding the Players Week, it’s time to see what your Shadowrunners might need to enhance their experience. Oh, look – the Runner’s Companion is exactly what I am talking about! This companion is specifically for the 4th Edition/20th Anniversary fans, but there are similar books for fans of every iteration. More player options, more lifestyle ideas, more everything to expand your character-building and character-enhancement options. That’s what players love!


Life in the shadows has never been as dangerous, and runners need every edge they can get. Runner’s Companion opens up a world of expanded options for Shadowrun players with dozens of New Qualities, Advanced Contact and Lifestyle Rules, and handy tips on running, travelling and smuggling, and operating in a surveillance society.

This core book for Shadowrun, Twentieth Anniversary Edition also introduces Metavariants, Changelings, and the Infected as player character options, and expands the scope of the game to include unique non-metahuman characters such as Shapeshifters, Free Spirits, and a new generation of AIs among others.

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