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The release of the Thundering Skies Player’s Guide for Shaintar marks the start of what I am calling Guiding the Players Week here at the SPOD. These are books specifically crafted and edited to serve the players of a given game or setting; they cut out all the material that’s meant primarily for GMs and serve to specifically give players what they need to get their characters put together and ready to play. They also provide the kind of world and related information a player should immerse within in order to understand and engage with the game.

This guide specifically introduces the Thundering Skies Plot Point Campaign into the epic fantasy setting of Shaintar for Savage Worlds fans. This marks the major turning point at which Shaintar becomes enmeshed in the rest of the Suzerain Continuum that Savage Mojo crafted.

The Tempest is Coming!

     Violent, unexplained storms batter the coast of Shaintar, Smashing into towns with incredible ferocity. It is the start of the Tempest, and there’s nothing natural about the extreme weather descending on the realm.

     Tell the story of heroes battling the greatest of evils in Thundering Skies, the first published campaign setting for Shaintar. The stakes have never been higher – or more dangerous – for the Tempest represents a terrible foe that seems unstoppable. Even Ceynara, the Queen of Hell, casts a wary eye upon the forces of the Tempest.

Be prepared, for the skies are Thundering!

     In this book, you’ll find plenty of new player options and enough campaign background to create any hero you want in this turbulent time. The Thundering Skies Player’s Guide is an extract of the full Thundering Skies campaign book.

Writing: Darren Pearce; Rules: Howard Brandon, Brett Smith; Edits: Gayle Reick, Miles Kantir; Art: Alida Saxon, Bien Flores, Carl Holden; Layout: Alida Saxon

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