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As we close in on the end of Teach Your Kids to Game Week, I want to point out a game that should have won ENnie Award for best Family Game – Mermaid AdventuresEloy Lasanta is one of the best designers and nicest people in this industry, and he’s got a childlike heart that translates wonderfully into this game where imagination is king and where diversity is celebrated beautifully.

As for its “kids credentials,” it’s the first game my daughter, Samantha, wanted to learn to run as a GM.

Mermaid Adventures Revised

Updated using the new Pip System Corebook rules! Dive into adventure and fun! Mermaid Adventures is a game that lets you and your friends become mermaids, forming friendships, fighting sea monsters and solving strange undersea mysteries. Great for families and players of all ages! 


  • 10 different kinds of merfolk, including Eelfolk, Lobsterfolk, and Turtlefolk
  • Colorful, eye-catching illustrations 
  • 5 Sample Adventures to get you going
  • Even more options compatible with the Pip System Corebook
Mermaid Adventures Revised requires the Pip System Corebook to play.
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