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The folks at DriveThruRPG decided to push their annual Teach Your Kids to Game Week to right before Christmas, which I think is a fine idea (and I helped come up with that promotion when I was still working for them). So that’s what we’re doing this week – pointing out great family-friendly games that serve as excellent vehicles for the older generations to bring the young ones to the table.

The perfect opening, of course, is Hero Kids – an entire, brilliant line oriented around making gaming fun and engaging for the young and young-at-heart.

(From the core release, Hero Kids Fantasy RPG) –

Hero Kids is the ENnie award-winning fantasy RPG for kids aged from 4 to 10.  This game offers a fast and fun introduction to RPGs, perfect for younger kids who are just getting interested in role-playing games.

EXTRA NOTE: The Hero Kids – Complete Fantasy PDF Bundle includes 50% discount coupons for the softcover print versions of Hero Kids – Fantasy RPG and the Hero Kids – Fantasy Expansion – Monster Compendium (the coupons are emailed to you when you buy the bundle).  So if you want the whole lot (PDFs and print version of the rules), buy the bundle then use the coupon to buy the softcover print version of Hero Kids – Fantasy RPG for half price!

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