The Vara Chronicles – Sean’s Pick, 121117

Welcome to Rules Don’t Matter Week at the SPOD. While I don’t strictly adhere to that philosophy (for me, the rules are the language by which we communicate with the game and each other, and poor communication = poor gaming experience), in this case, the theme refers to Picks that have no rules associated with them. These are products that are designed specifically to grant GMs and players all kinds of useful and creative ideas to drop into any game you’re playing.

The Vara Chronicles is the latest release from Tricky Troll Games, described by author Nathan Carmen as “another systemless setting, this time inspired by fairy tales and folklore. A lot of these sort of settings tend to be gritty and dark like the Brother’s Grimm but we strove for something in between that and the modern fairy tales seen today. There’s a greater emphasis on brave heroes and daring adventures than there is on grit.” Sounds great to me!

A world of adventure awaits!

Long ago an enchanted mirror was shattered, unleashing its power upon the realm of Vara. The inhabitants now face monstrous creatures who represent the darkest parts of men’s souls. Only the Knights of Valor stand between the people and these wretched beasts, and only time will tell if good prevails!

The Vara Chronicles is a sytemless setting inspired by old fairy tales and folklore from a time when villains were despicable creatures, and heroes were true beacons of hope. Inside you’ll find…

14 Locations each with key features.

4 Types of human cultures in the form of City, Farm, Mountain, and Forest Folk.

11 Character Archetypes to spark the player’s imagination.

An Adventure and Village Generator.

A Bestiary containing 30 vile villains and creatures.

And Much More!

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