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With the recent release of CAPERS (Preview Edition), I am calling this Cops & Robbers Week at the SPOD – a week dedicated to playing either criminals or those who track them down and bring them to justice.

CAPERS is all about playing gangsters during the 1920s… but with superpowers! Then again, the coppers have `em, too!

NOTE – This is a preview edition meant to give you a taste of what’s coming via Kickstarter, and to give some feedback for the design. It’s a full game experience, though.

CAPERS is a superpowered RPG of 1920s gangsters. Players portray gangsters and bootleggers looking to make thieir fortunes in a wolrd of illegal alchohol, gambling, prostitution, and racketeering.

And you have superpowers. But so do the cops and feds.

This preview edition of the CAPERS game gives you everything you need to give the game a whirl. Full rules, some setting info, a smattering of powers, an introductory adventure, and some pre-generated characters. This version features simple layout and b/w artwork. The final version of the game will be much fancier and 150+ pages of full color super-powered gangster fun.

NerdBurger Games will be Kickstarting CAPERS on Tuesday, March 6th, 2018 to fund final artwork, layout, and a few other things. So stay tuned!

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  1. Albert Trotter December 8, 2017 2:41 pm  Reply

    I love the amazing historical superhero games from Arc Dream Publishing: The Kerberos Club, This Favored Land, Progenitor, and (of course) Godlike. I’m hoping to capture the same excitement with CAPERS, though it is hampered by being only a preview version at this point. According to the author, the preview version will be released for general consumption in the next few weeks (likely through DrivethruRPG considering his previous releases). The full version? “That depends entirely on getting the rest of what I need to deal with funded through Kickstarter,” he told me in an email. “I’ll be nailing down the Kickstarter date in the next few weeks and let everyone know as soon as I can.”

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