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Ray Greer of Hero Games fame told me the story of how he convinced Steve Jackson to push his deadlines and include guns in the original release of GURPS; Steve was just going to stick with fantasy-level support, since a lot of folks loved the core rules for just that (and its roots in the game-changing The Fantasy Trip didn’t hurt that impression, either). GURPS Fantasy establishes beyond question the strength of the system for the most popular genre of gaming in the world.

At the same time, there’s lots of other genre-support material for GURPS fans – GURPS Horror and GURPS Supers, as examples.

Fantasy – from ancient myths to popular films, stories of heroes and magic have captured the human imagination. Now GURPS offers roleplayers a comprehensive guide to the entire Fantasy genre. Building on the flexible, streamlined Fourth Edition rules, it helps you develop a campaign to explore the world of your favorite book or film – or create a new one from your own dreams. The main emphasis is on historical fantasy, in settings from the Bronze Age to the Renaissance, but the principles apply to any fantasy setting, from the prehistoric past to the remote future.

A complete campaign setting, Roma Arcana, is ready to use in your own campaign. It can stand on its own, or fit into the Infinite Worlds campaign framework from GURPS Fourth Edition. Send a band of adventurers on impossible missions in a magical Roman Empire, as they struggle to hold back the darkness from their native city and win honor.

You’ll find help in running your campaign in Roma Arcana or any other setting – advice on creating balanced parties, devising scenarios to challenge them, and using the game systems to achieve dramatic effects.

Take the most flexible, most consistent game rules system available, and use it to run the campaign of your dreams.

Sean Patrick Fannon
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  1. Bunny of Doom November 17, 2017 4:15 am  Reply

    Mr Fannon, I played GURPS only once in the entirety of my gaming history and one thing stuck with me; Character creation was an exercise in pure imaginative joy. That was 20 plus years ago.

    Recently I procured the 4th edition books and read through them. I read some GURPS related forums, and even purchased a few other GURPS supplements. I still found character creation a dream come true. However, I seem to be overwhelmed by more than just the basic rules PDF (GURPS Light?) that can be downloaded for free. It seems GURPS suffers a bit from rules sprawl. Now it may be that this is all in my head.

    What I’m getting at is, should I just stick to the light rules and work my way up into using the rules in the core books and then add rules in supplements, or are the rules in core all that is needed?

    My dram RPG system would combine the awesomeness that is GURPS character creation with the elegance of Savage Worlds and the simplicity of the Cypher System.

    Alas, one can dream…

    Thank you for being so involved in the RPG community.

    • spfannon November 17, 2017 5:47 am  Reply

      Honestly, GURPS is kind of an “all-in” sort of game. Once you decide it’s the game for you, you pretty much want to grab all the books relevant to the genre and style you wish to play.

      Then again, if you just love the intricately-researched source material, that makes a lot of the non-core books useful no matter what system you play.

      Thanks for the kind words!

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