New Pathfinder Classes (& other Rogue Genius PF support) – Sean’s Pick, 110317

There is no discussing Pathfinder and Starfinder support lines without bringing Owen KC Stephens’ Rogue Genius Games. Dude has an inside track, to be sure, and most fans look at everything RGG publishes as official as anything from Paizo. Today’s Finders Keepers Week Pick focuses on one of the many series of books they do for PF fans – New Pathfinder Classes.

(From The Opportunist, one of many such books in the series -)

The Opportunist is a new hybrid class of the barbarian and rogue designed for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. It is a melee combat class that draws upon unerring accuracy and almost preternatural foresight to capitalize on your opponents’ wrong moves, and deal catastrophic damage.

Take advantage of dozens of new talents, feats, archetypes, and spells including: Give a little to get a little, tireless overload, and bareknuckle master.

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