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Kobold Press (originally Open Design) is one of those houses that just consistently does impressive, high-quality stuff featuring the talents of the best in the industry. Wolfgang Baur has a lot to be proud of, and that definitely includes the entire line of Pathfinder products his house has created. That’s why he’s got today’s spot for Finders Keepers Week.

From their Wikipedia page –

Wolfgang Baur launched Open Design in 2006. Open Design funded projects using a crowdfunding model dubbed “patronage,” with the resulting products available exclusively to backers through PDF releases and limited print runs. The first product published by Open Design was Steam & Brass (2006), a steampunk-themed adventure module using the d20 System. Steam & Brass was also the first product set in Baur’s setting of Zobeck, later known as Midgard.

In 2007, Baur launched Kobold Quarterly through Open Design, which filled in the gap in the role-playing industry left by the end of Paizo Publishing‘s run on the magazines Dragon and Dungeon. Unlike previous projects from the company, Kobold Quarterly was available to the public. Kobold Quarterly ran for 23 issues, with the final issue produced in October 2012.

Open Design began to shift away from a focus on the “patronage” model in 2008, releasing titles such as the Zobeck Gazetteer (2008) to the public, and began publishing products entirely outside the “patronage” model in 2011, including a series of game design guidebooks. In 2012, Open Design began producing books under the imprint “Kobold Press”; by the end of the year, the company had ceased publishing as Open Design and exclusively published products as Kobold Press.

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