Total Party Kill Games Pathfinder Stuff – Sean’s Pick, 103117

Nothing is more terrifying that a TPK, so it felt right to feature Total Party Kill Games for today’s Finders Keepers Week selection. TPK Games has a rather extensive line of Pathfinder support products, and they are considered by many fans to have some of the consistently best 3rd party stuff for the system you’ll find anywhere. This includes adventures, new class options, gear packages, and pretty much anything and everything you could want for enhancing and expanding your PF campaigns.

Who are TPK Games?

Total Party Kill Games are publishers of tabletop roleplaying and card games.  We publish thrilling dark fantasy sourcebooks and adventures for the Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder and Savage Worlds RPGs along with publishing our own popular party card games and unofficial expansions for Cards Against Humanity.

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