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The recent releases from my friends, Chris Sturts and Eniko Sturts of Gimme a Roll, on DriveThruRPG inspires Finders Keepers Week, dedicated to sets of products to help you enhance your Pathfinder and Starfinder gaming experiences. The gimmick here will be lines and packages of products, rather than a single release (though one product in the set may get the spotlight).

The Sturts are actually doing a subscription box kind of thing – everything you need for a full adventure in one set (adventure, characters, miniatures, maps). The quality of the writing and adventure design, as well as the maps, meant a lot of us thought they should also make these parts available via PDF channels… so they did! They’ve got four great products out now – three for Pathfinder (with are also 5e compatible) and one for Starfinder.


When the crew of the Sanguine Raptor discovers it’s Drift Engine blows in the middle of travelling, they find themselves thrown out somewhere into deep space. The damage to the ship and crew are catastrophic – causing the death of the Captain as well as dozens of fellow crew members. With only a few survivors remaining, important questions must be addressed.

How badly damaged is the ship? Where are they? Is there Drift tech this far out of known space? As the Raptor’s engines give their last, the remaining crew find themselves…adrift.

This is the first in a monthly series of adventures featured in GM Toolkit. Get a full adventure for 4-5 players of 1st level complete with full color maps in a tile print and full 12×18 format.

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