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Welcome to Monica Valentinelli Week here at the SPOD! Monica has a very prolific and storied career in both gaming and fiction, and she’s one of my favorite people in the world, to boot. An advocate for inclusivity, the power of art, and just being excellent to each other, Monica brings style and substance in equal measure to everything she does.

This is one of her most recent releases, an extraordinary collection of materials and ideas stemming from her grand Make Art Not War Challenge project. This is highly relevant to gamers (she is one, of course), because anything we do at the table is readily identifiable as art in its own right. Game Masters and aspiring writers and designers will find extra value in this work, trust me.

Why take the Make Art Not War Challenge?

When times are tough, the feeling that artists are not necessary tends to permeate. Art is viewed as frivolous or a luxury since we don’t produce food, clothing, or housing. The exact opposite is true, however, because in charged political climates artists document and represent our humanity and all our struggles be they violent or peaceful for present day and future generations. Often, propaganda posters, victory songs, and other forms of art are specifically commissioned as well. Art is omnipresent, it is always political, and the choices we make affect our audiences and everyone around us.
For some artists, making art is an act of resistance; for others, making art is a way of life and a career. Even if your goal is to avoid politics altogether, remember that people turn to stories, games, and comics to find hope, to be inspired, to reach inside themselves and discover their own courage. Those emotions, even if they provide a temporary reprieve from whatever they’re facing, are powerful motivators to live and fight another day.

This eBook includes:

* Customizable Make Art Not War Challenge Rules
* Essays to help empower artists and deal with blockages
* 31 Creative Prompts to unlock an artist’s creativity

Monica Valentinelli, author and game developer, created this challenge to help encourage artists and writers to tap into their voice and tell their stories. While she is best known for her work related to the Firefly TV by Joss Whedon, she has worked with dozens of publishers including Apex Book Company, Pelgrane Press, Prime Books, Titan Books, Onyx Path Publishing, Wizards of the Coast, and many others.

Remember, one story can change someone’s life. The problem is, we have no idea which story that will be, when it will be told, or in what medium. It’s up to us to find it — by making art!

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