The Genius Guide to the Talented Cleric – Sean’s Pick, 100517

It would be hard to do a Blessed Are the Healers Week and not do at least one Pick centered on the classic healers of gaming – the clerics. This particularly keen selection from Rogue Genius takes the Pathfinder cleric in all kinds of new and interesting directions, and there are definitely options for those for whom the task of healing and comfort in the face of tragedy and danger are the chosen paths.

Some other products in this vein that caught my attention are:

Know That I am a Servant of the Gods!

Clerics are an iconic part of fantasy roleplaying games and, as agents of the divine, serve an important role in telling interesting stories and creating interesting worlds. Unfortunately, despite the many and varied different gods in most campaigns, clerics end up being disappointingly similar. Each selects two domains, but otherwise has access to the same spells, weapons, armor, and abilities as every other cleric. For characters devoted to divine beings that are spectacularly diverse, clerics have very little flexibility. But now with The Genius Guide to the Talented Cleric, it’s possible to build any kind of cleric. Warrior priests and crusaders can focus on divine domains and blessings, choosing to forgo the power to channel energy, or even reducing their dependence on spells. Clerics of gods focusing on animals can gain trusted mounts or improved familiars. Clerics of gods of knowledge can focus on secret lore and esoteric studies. Maintaining the core concept of a supernaturally-empowered agent of the gods, the Talented Cleric can now be as customized and unique as the god she worships.

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