Flatpack: Fix the Future – Sean’s Pick, 100417

“Hyperoptimistic Postapocalyptic?” Well, OK then…

Filamena Young crafted this very interesting gem that takes the post-apoc genre and flips it cheerily on its head with a game about rebuilding the future to be brighter and better than the disasters that came before. Seems like a perfect addition to Blessed Are the Healers Week.

Have you heard anyone say that the future’s not so bright, and thought, “But I have lightbulbs?” If so, Flatpack is the game for you! Until someone tells us otherwise, we’re saying that Flatpack: Fix the Future is the first game in the smash Hyperoptimistic Postapocalyptic genre of gaming. Flatpack is a game about building a new society using pre-apocalypse technology that you don’t always trust or understand, and solving terrible problems creatively. 

*Flatpack uses simple resolution mechanics made to be playable for anyone that can read. 

*Think IKEA, meets Civilization, meets Actraiser, meets Earthbound, in pen and paper game form! 

*Cooperative and tongue-in-cheek gameplay focused on puzzles, brainteasers, and play achievements.

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  1. Jerome Comeau October 4, 2017 4:30 pm  Reply

    This is a FANTASTIC and Fantastically Fun game to play, especially if you have a mix of adult and kid players at the table. I heartily recommend it to anyone who wants to play a game that doesn’t involve bludgeoning problems into submission.

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