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Conflict and action-driven as gaming tends to be, I may have set a difficult challenge for myself this week. However, with the death and destruction of many hurricanes and earthquakes in recent days, and the unmitigated horror of the news out of Las Vegas, NV this morning, I am declaring this Blessed Are the Healers Week. I dedicate this week’s SPOD entries to healers, peacemakers, and those who help rather than harm.

The most important heroes of all, really.

We open with Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple, a game focused on young, kind, enthusiastic young monks and travelers who simply seek to help people in need and have a bit of adventure. The linked version is for the iteration based on its own original system. There’s also a FATE-driven version.

Per creator Daniel Solis – “You tell the story of young travelers who mean well, but spend most of their time getting into trouble. You use your creativity and strategy to create a humorous coming of age story. It’s like a comedic crossover between Avatar: the Last Airbenderthe Little Prince and Kino’s Journey.”

The Universe is full of big troubles. When people need a hand, they write letters to the Temple asking for help from the pilgrims — young travelers with good intentions, the ability to fly, and not much else! The pilgrims come to help, but they get into a lot of trouble along the way. Growing up is crazy!

Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple is a slapstick fantasy storytelling game. This book contains the complete rules for play. Together with a notebook, pencils, a small pouch, two handfuls of stones, and your friends, you’ll be ready to answer letters, help people, and make trouble.

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