Goblin Markets: The Glitter Trade – Sean’s Pick, 092817

One of the first things Satyros Phil Brucato put out with his new Quiet Thunder Productions company was this system-agnostic* gem. It’s strange, eldritch mercantilism saturated with magical story and overflowing with adventure. It’s mysterious arcanery as only Satyros can do it.

(*) – Yes, it was originally crafted for Deliria, but it’s wide-open for use in any fantasy or urban fantasy setting.

Come Buy! Come Buy! 

The midnight market is ins town, and everyone seems to have something to sell. Lost toys? Magic potions? Albums that shouldn’t exist, yet do? Look around, dear friend. I’m sure we’ll find what you’re looking for somewhere…

In a world where commerce is magical, what’s the cost of desire? Explore Qwest-Mart, Wicked Jerry’s, Shae Bal Marah, and other strange places. Maybe you’ll find out – if you can meet the price! 

A setting, character, story and rule supplement for fantasy gaming sagas, Goblin Markets: The Glitter Trade features mysterious markets, uncanny merchants, magical treasures, and far, far more. 

Don’t be shy. Come inside…

Sean Patrick Fannon
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