Kindred of the East – Sean’s Pick, 092717

We continue with Satyros Phil Brucato Week at the SPOD with a callback to one of the most popular and influential books ever produced for the original World of Darkness setting. Along with such stellar folks as Nicky Rea, Jackie Cassada, Justin Achilli, Richard E. Dansky,
Ian Lemke,
 and Ethan Skemp, Phil helped create a world-within-a-world as the East entered the global game played by the Kindred. Combining exceptional history lessons with fascinating new mythology, this book took Vampire games in whole new directions.


May You Gain the Notice of Those in High Places
For centuries the exotic realm of Asia has defied the Kindred’s incursions. Those few Children of Caine dwelling in Asia whisper of the monstrous Cathayans–the shadowy vampires native to the East. For too long the Cathayans have lain like sleeping dragons, allowing the Kindred a facade of omnipotence. Now, the new Age is at hand; Yin-daggers tremble in the talons of the Resplendent Cranes, and the Devil-Tigers howl for souls in the dark. 

May You Live in Interesting Times
Kindred of the East is a giant hardcover sourcebook describing the unique and deadly vampires of the East. This mammoth volume includes new character creation rules, new powers, descriptions of the Eastern spirit worlds (plus rules for traveling there), and two chapters full of setting and cultural information.

Note: Due to the heavy use of textures and images behind the text, text recognition was not able to be applied to most pages.

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