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Making games for a living is fulfilling and wonderful, but it’s not the kind of career that prepares you for financial crises brought on by medical trauma and the subsequent bills. The folks at Tricky Troll are offering you an incredible deal on all of their products – 21 titles in all – for 50% off. They are doing this to raise money to pay the incredible bills come due for saving the life of their child.

Get some great gaming material for Savage Worlds, the Black Hack, and system-agnostic gaming while helping good folks out.

My son Zac was born a day before we were scheduled to induce, at less than 4 pounds. He had several unforeseen complications and spent a week in the NICU before he was big enough for us to take home. The doctor said that if he had been born a day later he probably wouldn’t have made it at all. He is a very happy and healthy baby now, but unexpected complications mean extra bills.  

For this reason, everything in the Tricky Troll Games catalog is included in this bundle at 50% off as we try to raise some extra money to pay his medical bills. Take a look at our wares and if the contents interest you please consider a purchase. 

Blessings and Happy Gaming

Nathan Carmen, head writer and founder of Tricky Troll Games

Sean Patrick Fannon
Writer & Game Designer: Shaintar, Star Wars, Savage Rifts, much more
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