Caladon Falls – Sean’s Pick, 092617

We continue the celebration of my friend, Satyros Phil Brucato, with this gem from Savage Mojo for Savage Worlds fans – Caladon Falls. One of the many fascinating realms that comprise the Suzerain Continuum, this epic fantasy setting includes the writing and design talents of Satyros alongside folks like Vickey A. Beaver, Steve Dean, Curtis and Sarah Lyon, John Wick, and Dan McGirt. The entire premise is a world at war, and you must brave through being on the losing side and figure out a way to survive… and to win.

They came out of nowhere and started ripping the world apart, one city at a time. Using power on a scale never before seen, Warlocks, godlike leaders of the Wild army, are rampaging on Austeria with one goal: raise armies and annihilate the entire continent. Set in the fantasy realm of Relic, this book looks at warfare through the eyes of everyday people turned soldiers – soldiers whose side is losing the war.

Take the challenge. Roleplay in a fantasy world where hairless dwarves walk through stone, magic is commonplace, and the spirit world doesn’t always stay in check. Focus on a daily life and death struggle where the enemy is cruel, powerful, and around every corner. Take the challenge, and let your adventurers become…

…mankind’s only hope.

Inside the covers you’ll find:
* Heaps of world detail you’ll need to run games in Suzerain’s Relic realm during the War of the Wild.
* Over 50 new Edges, Hindrances, and Powers, including three new playable races.
* Stats for dozens of heroes and villains alike, plus an assortment of soldiers and monsters from the war.
* A finely-tuned setting in which to take your characters from Novices to Heroes.
* 30 scenarios including a full plot-point campaign covering the arrival of the Warlocks and the fight for survival in the Caladon Kingdom.

This is a high art product and a large download. 

A copy of Savage Suzerain is recommended to get the most enjoyment from this book.

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