Hero Kids Space Adventure Bundle – Sean’s Pick, 091317

The Week of Heroes Will Rise continues with a focus on the heroes we need to nurture and encourage. The Hero Kids line is a fantastic gateway to bring the youngest players into RPGs, and this bundle expands the fantasy adventure into space. It’s a great price, too – $10 for the whole set!

(From the Space Expansion – Hero Cards Set 1):

This expansion for Hero Kids includes ten space heroes for use with space adventures (although these heroes are 100% compatible with all other Hero Kids adventures):

  • Brute – The pandian’s strength and size makes him formidable in melee combat
  • Force-Binder – This alien Nadi can push enemies with his powerful magic
  • Merc – The merc’s armor protects her from all but the most powerful attacks
  • Nadic Healer – This Nadic binds the weave to heal her allies
  • Scoundrel (Female) – Trained in gunnery, the scoundel is a cunning combatant
  • Scoundrel (Male) – And expert pilot, this scoundrel is as slippery as they come
  • Sharpshooter – This alien’s ultra-spectral visor enhances his aim
  • Trooper – The trooper’s armor protects him while he lines up his enemies
  • Warrior (Female) – The alien warrior’s ion sword and quick feet get her in and out of trouble
  • Warrior (Male) – Years of training has honed the warrior’s skill with his blade

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