The Genius Guide to the Talented Ranger – Sean’s Pick, 082517

Rogue Genius Games is the House that Owen Built, so we’re going back there to close out Owen K.C. Stephens Week. The Genius Guide series covers every square inch of territory related to expanding your gaming experience with Pathfinder. Along with The Genius Guide to More Ranger Talents, the following marks one of Owen’s most popular offerings in this series.

With the popular and proven edge and talent system that has already been applied to many other classes in the Talented Class line of books from Rogue Genius Games, we’ve built a new talented ranger class that can take a wide range of specialties from favored enemies and terrain to bonding to a weapon, gaining a pack of animal companions, and even becoming an ally of magic itself. While these most certainly include a number of things that could be considered forms of woodsman, they also allow for rangers as prowlers of big cities, warriors with a touch of arcane magic, and supernatural hunters who expose the secrets of the demons they hunt.

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