Champions 4th Edition – Sean’s Pick, 081417

Bear with me, this will make sense in a minute…

It’s Gen Con, many, many years ago. It’s in Milwaukee still, which should tell you something. It’s early 90s, though I just can’t remember the specific year (I am terrible with that kind of thing, always remembering experiences, never really dates).

It’s my first Gen Con, though, and it’s alongside some of the most amazing people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and working with – Steve Peterson, George MacDonald, Ray Greer, Bruce Harlick, and Rob Bell among them. I’ve just fully launched my career as a writer and game designer in the tabletop RPG industry, you see, and this was my chance to be at the Big Show with those who took a chance on me with a couple of books – High Tech Enemies and Champions Universe, in specific.

This was also the era of “The Big Blue Book,” the George Perez-covered Champions 4th Edition. I will forever have a permanent place, center-stage, in my heart-of-hearts for this game, and especially this edition (which, for me, will always remain the best version of the penultimate* superhero game of our hobby).

Thus, for me, Gen Con 50 represents Super Games Week! Five core superhero games, representing this incredible RPG genre that launched my career.

(*) – Yes, I have a thoroughly biased reason for saying it that way, which will become very clear in the months to come (unless you’re already following my Patreon).

Champions is simply the best super role-playing game ever created. It gives you complete control over every aspect of your superhero and your world. Champions is all that is needed to bring the four-color heroics of comic books to life. This contains the award winning HERO system rules, The Champions source book, as well as Campaign Book: everything necessary for instant heroic super team!

Sean Patrick Fannon
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  1. ROBERT F TOWELL August 14, 2017 7:34 pm  Reply

    Big Blue Book was my introduction to Hero and Point based systems back just before the turn of the century.

    It completely shaped the way I see gaming. To be able to create a character in my mind, without dice telling me was a new door. While I believe they’re are many greater systems. To this day Hero System is my favorite system and the Awakening it gave me in how to think about mechanics versus special effects have shaped every game I have played since.

  2. George MacDonald August 15, 2017 2:13 am  Reply

    Thanks Sean. The BBB was my favorite too!

    • spfannon August 15, 2017 2:17 am  Reply

      George! So glad you saw this!

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