The Eaves of Mirkwood & Loremaster’s Screen – Sean’s Pick, 081117

It seems only fitting to close out Fun With 5th Edition week with the latest release for Adventures in Middle-earth. The ultimate (and, dare I say, inevitable) marriage between D&D and one of its most influential inspirations is a rather exceptional example of bonding game to setting in a beautiful and effective way. This product represents an easy-access adventure, a number of ready-to-play characters, some lovely optional rules for a couple of the classes, and a set of pages that will make the Loremaster’s job significantly easier.

The Eaves of Mirkwood and Loremaster’s Screen is an invaluable accessory pack for the Loremaster, aimed to introduce players to Adventures in Middle-earth.

It contains: 

• The Eaves of Mirkwood: a 32-page adventure that makes a perfect introduction to Adventures in Middle-earth for new players, or a handy episode to drop into your existing campaign. The Company finds themselves setting out from Woodmen-town to travel through the Eaves of Mirkwood towards Lake-town. When the Journey goes awry they must draw swords in aid of a village beleaguered by the dreaded Greymuzzle Hob. Using cut down rules and offering lots of advice, Eaves of Mirkwood is a great starting point for your Adventures in Middle-earth. 

• The PDF version of the beautiful and functional four panel, heavyweight Loremaster’s Screen, featuring a collection of handy reference tables, broken into pages for the PDF, to keep your games flowing seamlessly on the other.

• Six pre-generated characters in a separate file. 

• A 2 page PDF file of suggested optional rules for the Warden and Scholar classes.

What you’ll need to play The Eaves of Mirkwood

• The 5e rules – these are available free online – or the hard copy player’s rules. 

• It would be extremely helpful to have access to the Adventures in Middle-earth Player’s Guide and Loremaster’s Guide. But Eaves of Mirkwood can be run without them.

• A passing knowledge of Middle-earth. You don’t need to be an expert, nor do the players. If you’ve seen the movies that will serve you well. If you’ve read the books so much the better. The more you know of  Middle-earth the more of its special atmosphere you can impart, but you do not need to be an expert.

About Adventures in Middle-earth

At last, you can officially play the world’s favourite RPG in Middle-earth! Offering Middle-earth specific classes, cultures and backgrounds, as well as new rules for Journeys, Audiences, Scenery in Combat, Corruption, and unique Middle-earth adversaries, Adventures in Middle-earth has been both a huge popular and critical success. With gorgeous artwork, and an adaptation that’s as faithful to the source material as it is possible to be, Adventures in Middle-earth is simply a must have purchase for 5e gamers.

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