Amazing Weapons, Armor, and Equipment for 5th Edition Fantasy – Sean’s Pick, 081017

We continue the Fun With 5th Edition Week with this gem from Fat Goblin Games. A compilation of Ismael Alvarez’s Sidebar columns dealing with enhanced versions of 5e mundane gear and its use, this also adds a bunch of new stuff to make it a fantastic supplement to any current-version D&D game.

Ismael Alvarez’ fantastic Sidebar columns explored the power and creativity of mundane 5th edition equipment. First there were weapons, then he talked about armor and finally equipment! Now those Sidebar’s have been compiled and enhanced in one complete volume! What do we mean when we say Amazing Weapons, Armor, and Equipment?

  • Mundane armors with qualities like Basher, Durable, Nimble, and more!
  • Quality Weapons that allow for Fine Edge, Protecting, Opportunistic, and Quick effects!
  • Quality Equipment that adds bonuses and other enhancements to your kits, packs, and packages!
  • Weapons Charms which give slightly magical properties to your weapons!

And much more!

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