M&M Atlas of Earth Prime – Sean’s Pick, 072117

So many amazing products! So many amazing people behind these things! You really, really need to vote to make sure the awards represent you! I can’t imagine closing out ENnie Nom-Nom Week with anything less than the Product of the Year category. I’ve got a lot of friends and folks I deeply respect behind today’s Pick – a sourcebook that cannot help but inspire anyone running any supers game. This category also includes some seriously incredible material (a company in which I am deeply honored to be counted among):

Visit a world not our own, but strangely familiar—a world of heroes and villains, of wonders and dangers, and limitless adventure! The Atlas of Earth-Prime is a trip around the world of the Freedom City and Emerald City settings for the Mutants & Masterminds RPG. Your heroes can explore the sites and perils of all seven continents, as well as fabled Atlantis, the Lost World, and the strange realms of Sub-Terra that lie at the center of the earth. Packed with locations, heroes, villains, and worldwide agencies, the Atlas of Earth-Prime is the campaign setting book Mutants & Masterminds fans have been waiting for!

Sean Patrick Fannon
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