Spirit of 77: Masterpiece 77 – Bonus Pick, 070417

Since I missed yesterday (due to travel back from Magic City Con), I’m making a bonus ENnie Nominee Week Pick today from the Best Electronic Book category. The other books in this category for the year are:

Masterpiece 77 is one of many funky, rockin’ adventures for Monkeyfun’s AWE-driven Spirit of 77 game.

Well met, Rock Stars!

This is a special Spirit of 77 adventure that takes place in the world of William Shakespeare, with the players taking the roles of the famous “survivors” of the Bard’s most famous plays. Although it’s intended as a one-shot adventure (and requires an understanding of the Spirit of 77 game system), we’re hoping this provides your gaming table with laughs and adventure while making you brush up on your English literature. (Don’t worry, we slept through that class too).

This Very Special Episode includes:

  • Seven Pre-Generated Characters – Each of these Shakespeare characters is built in the Spirit of 77 system, ready to play.
  • New Adventure: The Play is Still The Thing – This adventure transports your Masterpiece 77 players to Denmark and Castle Elsinore, a year after the bloody events depicted within Hamlet. Luckily, things are going to be much smoother this time. 
  • New Mini-Adventure: Huzzah To The Funk! – Want to transport your pre-existing Spirit of 77 characters to the Elizabethan action? We got you covered with this mini-adventure framework that will let you use the Masterpiece 77 adventure in a modern setting.

Huzzah and Keep on Truckin’

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