Mortal Fantasy – Sean’s Pick, 060717

Gonna let the creator tell his own tale here; Christopher is one of the top (and most prolific) makers involved in the Cypher System Community:

Dear Sean Patrick Fannon,

I was thrilled to see that you’ve included Cypher System Community Creator PDFs  in your great Pick of the Week column.  Cypher is a great little game that’s full of potential, not just for Numenera, but also for cinematic gaming in general — like you’ll find in MCG’s Gods of the Fall Cypher fantasy setting.

To help GMs not only run a Cypher fantasy game but to also embrace the GotF world, I’ve made a CSCC PDF, Mortal Fantasy. As Ganza Gaming, it is my 14th Cypher System product which includes the only other CSCC GotF PDF (that I am aware of), Somorrah in Soulrest


Best Wishes,

Christopher Robin Negelen

Ganza Gaming

Now you can do your own traditional RPG fantasy spin using the Cypher System for your favorite fantasy RPG world or Monte Cook Games’ own Gods of the Fall setting – become a Doomed Paladin who Wears A Halo of Fire, a Gnome Adept who Explores Dark Places or a Fast Thief who Works the Back Alleys with their Goblin Crew.

 Discover a dark and dangerous world, Gods of the Fall, a land where there are no gods and even less mercy. 

 This 45-page PDF includes:

  • Six new Types that let you play traditional RPG fantasy heroes without sacrificing your Descriptors and Foci to do so
  • A mini-adventure set in the Gods of the Fall universe for First Tier heroes or demigods.
  • A new creature, the Nephilim, the precursors to the Seraph
  • New Descriptors and Crews to let you play several Bloodlines along with Goblins, Orcs, Gnomes, or The Hollowed
  • New rules that allow GMs to embrace their favorite Fantasy RPG tropes
  • Advice on how to bring Elves and Dwarves into their Gods of the Fall game (if they ever left at all)
  • Tips on how to convert other fantasy material to the Cypher System

Gods of the Fall, is a world that desperately needs mortal heroes until the new gods come into their own.  And while you hope these godlings will be better souls than the slavers and witch queens that challenge you now — there are no guarantees.  

Download Mortal Heroes now and get ready to teach these new gods a new level of respect for mortals!

 Requires the Cypher System Rulebook from Monte Cook Games.

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