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OK, first things first. Apologies to all for an entire week missed. At first, it was due to a delayed return from MantiCon; it devolved quickly into a serious bout of extreme grief and depression, triggered by the loss of one of my very nearest and dearest friends in this world. I spent all of last week in the deepest hole, and I just couldn’t… function. My thanks to all who offered support and understanding, but it’s a new week, and it’s time to see the sun and celebrate gaming once again.

We begin with something that caught me completely by surprise. Seriously, I did not see this coming, and I am still trying to grasp just what it is… but it’s sure as hell a phenomenon! It’s been sitting at the top of DriveThruRPG’s sales chart for a while now, which means a lot of folks around the world think it is The Next Big Thing.

It all started with a couple of clearly Nordic-flavored novels, but these folks are seriously into the RPG hobby in way that goes beyond passion. They’ve engaged in a multi-media campaign to bring about their own creation – equal parts new design and old-school sensibilities. This should be a fun ride…

Enter the CORE! ICRPG CORE is finally here, with a full rule book and miniature set to get YOUR game table kicking ass! 

>> A full rules set: Classic 7 dice, D20 roll-over system, and all the combat and RP mechanics, character classes, timers, targets and elements you need to play right away. This system is fast and fun, but doesn’t lose track of the best parts of tabletop dice rolling.

>>Two worlds: The CORE comes with two huge world primers that include locations and adventure starters for Alfheim (eldritch fantasy) and Warp Shell (cataclysmic sci fi). Add 18 classes and a ton of LOOT back it up, and you’re in motion on your first night.

>>A KILLER GM Section: All the mechanics and tricks used on Drunkens&Dragons compiled into a tight format so you can master the art of game mastering. Complete with story architecture, encounter building, the infamous three T’s, room design and much more.

>>Monsters: 23 Unique terrors with extra crunchy mechanics to kill, I mean, entertain your players.

>>Miniatures!!! 48 heroes and all 23 monsters, all compiled on ‘army sheets’ so you can print and cut hordes in minutes. The perfect addition to your massive ICRPG collection!

>>The coolest RPG community on the planet: How-to videos, online play sessions, and the ever-expanding updates that have made Runehammer a GOLD best seller! This is just the beginning, so look for tons of ICRPG content on youtube and facebook ALL YEAR.

>>You really want this PDF! The digital copy, which includes a character sheet and loads of craftable mini’s, will be updated regularly with new maps, tokens, and tidbits. Early PDF buyers who now want hardcopy get half their value back in the PDF-less version, so you can get a juicy hardback to your table without a dent in the wallet. Thanks everyone for all your messages, support, and patience as ICRPG continues to truck along!

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