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Ah, that lovely nostalgia for all things 80s and 90s! Few cater to this better than Spectrum Games and their wonderful Cartoon Action Hour series of products. This is one of their most ambitious releases, and it has the power!!!

In this massive Cartoon Action Hour: Season 3 series book, the forces of good find themselves in a constant struggle against Nekrottus and his Blackskull Empire, who have already conquered most of Iconia! The book celebrates the 15th anniversary of this fictitious cartoon series/toy line, offering details about all six seasons.

While this is a supplement for Cartoon Action Hour: Season 3, it’s easily adaptable to any system you care to use.

This 251-page PDF contains:

• 80 characters          

• 10 variant characters          

• 20 vehicles          

• 14 playsets

• 42 episode seeds          

• 1 full episode

• An in-depth season-by-season look at the cartoon series

• A massive alternate “lifepath” PC creation system

• A random system for creating a PC’s Signature Quality

• A system for generating critters on the fly

• Information about the 2008 reboot series, the ill-fated animated movie and even more ill-fated spin-off series meant to target the “girl market”

• An entire chapter that presents information on the world of Iconia, including, for the very first time, a map!

• A gorgeous cover by C. Michael Hall

• Fantastic and evocative new interior art art by Nolan Segrest, Patrick Sullivan and Andres Rey De Castro


About Cartoon Action Hour: Season 3

Cartoon Action Hour: Season 3 is the third edition of the game that was nominated for  “Best RPG” at the 2004 Origins Awards. The game faithfully and meticulously emulates the action-adventure cartoons of the 1980s, using “cartoon logic” as the basis for every aspect of the system. This is not just a universal game that just happens to be adorned with genre-appropriate art. Every single design decision was made with the purpose of bringing to life the retro-toons of yesteryear, right at your gaming table.<o:p></o:p>

It can be purchased here.

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