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Sara Quinn is one of the most breathtaking human beings I know. Not just because she’s gorgeous inside and out (she is, mind you), but because she’s got one of the most amazing minds I’ve encountered, coupled with a spirit that uplifts you the moment you are in her presence. Truly, a gift the universe chose to bestow upon us all.

She has a brain tumor. It’s not malignant – thank the Light of the Universe, or whatever you care to revere – but that doesn’t mean it’s not dangerous. She has to have it taken out.

And, once again, the Demonic Horde that is the Insurance Industry (the real Death Panels “they” tried to scare us with back when) wields its unrighteous power to coldly deny her the treatment she needs.

You can help. I am directly and personally pleading with you to do so, because our world cannot afford to have this light dimmed in any way.

I have a brain tumor.

Now it looks like my insurance won’t be paying for the surgery I need to remove it. I’ll keep fighting, and if they do come through, I’ll use the funds to pay for travel and hotel costs, hospital stay, and other expenses.

I don’t know how much it will actually be, but I’ll be updating you all and I’ll be as transparent as possible. Please ask me questions! Right now, I don’t even know what questions to ask.

All I know is that I need your help.

You can read my blog posts about it here: I’ll be talking more about the problems I’m having with my insurance company there and on my Facebook page:


I just received an email from Slade Byers, my Kaiser case manager:

“Hello Sara,

Attached is the letter from KP outlining the declination of benefits. I have underlined some of the most pertinent information (reason for denial, explanation why, and the direct number to appeal this process) Ironically it does state in the letter that Dr. Ferreira is part of the KP HMO network he is only used in certain situations. My recommendation to you is that if you are convinced this is the surgeon you want to perform this surgery (sounds like you are) to file an appeal of this decision immediately 1-866-458-5479. I am a little surprised you haven’t received this letter yet as it was drafted on 5/12/2017. As a secondary or (back up) plan in case of a second denial I would strongly recommend setting up an appointment with Kaiser Permanente Capitol Hill campus south specialty, neurosurgery. I have already called Kadlec neuroscience Center this morning and asked for the appropriate referrals. I also contacted KP Capital Hill Neurosurgery and informed them of your situation as well. Sorry this has been such a difficult process for you, please let me know that you have received this email.

Slade Byers”

The reason Slade says “ironically” is that the original reason given for the denial was the claim that Dr. Ferreira was out-of-network. It seems that even Kaiser case managers can’t figure out who is in and out of their network.

I’ll be working on the appeal today. – Sara

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  1. Marcy Taylor May 19, 2017 11:03 pm  Reply

    Thank you for your loving remarks about my beautiful daughter. She is very special and she obviously has wonderful friends.

    • spfannon May 19, 2017 11:07 pm  Reply

      I am truly honored to know her, ma’am, and we’re all blessed by all she brings into our world.

      Sean Patrick Fannon

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