Accursed: Strained Allegiance – Sean’s Pick, 051217

While you’re reading this, Chupacabracon is underway and I am thrilled to be there. Figured a recent Savage Worlds Pick is appropriate, considering the Gathering of Savages we have at the show (Shane Hensley, Clint & Jodi BlackEd Wetterman & Preston DuBose of 12 to MidnightRoss Watson, and Yours Truly, among a lot of other licensee folks). This is the most recent release for the Accursed setting, which Ross brought to life with John Dunn and Jason Marker.

You know the one, right? Where you basically play as “Universal Monsters” in a world beset by the classic witches of lore?

Strained Allegiance

In an unusual turn of events, the Gorgon has chosen to enlist mortal agents in her feud with the Dark Queen. The full reasons for her request remain a mystery, but the information she shares is earnest and her offer to cooperate is sincere. Melusine wishes to see Hecate removed from  Morden. She is willing to make concessions to the region’s mortal inhabitants—including Accursed belonging to the Order of the Penitent—if they assist her. This alliance of convenience could lead to a tremendous opportunity for the Order, but it is not without risk.

Strained Allegiance is a short scenario that focuses on the adventures of a band of Witchmarked heroes in the Accursed game setting. It is intended for experienced characters, of Veteran level or higher. The adventure may be played as a standalone, or it may be used with the Plot Point Campaign included in Accursed. The adventure features brief scene descriptions, with necessary game mechanics and opportunity for tasks that can be resolved in a variety of ways. 

Accursed provides additional details about the setting used in this scenario, and is required to fully make use of the game mechanics presented. Savage Worlds and the Savage Worlds Horror Companion are also required.

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