Star Fleet Battles: Basic Set – Sean’s Pick, 051117

This is a Patreon Pick (thanks to Rick Chatwell) as well as a nod to “Throwback Thursday,” which I think I will start hewing to in the future. Star Fleet Battles fits into the same strange space among RPG fans that BattletechHeavy Gear, and a number of other wargamer-ish games that still scratch a particular roleplaying itch. I think it has a lot to do with both the subject matter and the way you manage your ships and vehicles, as well as the way the material just screams for you to immerse yourself in the narrative rather than simply moving pieces on a board.

Also, Star Fleet Battles has a strange pedigree for another reason, in that it has its own Star Trek continuity; the license is based primarily on the original series, the animated series, and a number of fan-created properties, with a heavy foundation in what Star Trek was as of 1979.


Do you have what it takes to command a starship? Find out now!

The Basic Set is the entry point into the Star Fleet Battles game system. With this rulebook, you can command a starship! What you have seen, you can do for yourself. This introduction to the game includes rules for the Federation, Klingon, Romulan, Kzinti, Gorn, Tholian, and Orion ships.

The Basic Set Rulebook was last edited in 2005. It contains rules, the backgrounds of seven empires, descriptions of their ships, and lots of scenarios. There are nine general scenarios (so generic that they happened many times), five historical scenarios (ones that tell about a real incident in the Star Fleet Universe), four monster scenarios (these are for the planet crusher, space amoeba, moray eel of space, and cosmic cloud), two mini-campaigns, and one full campaign.

You will need the Basic Set SSD Book (sold separately in B&W and in color) in order to play the game. This is only the rulebook, not the complete game. There are no counters or maps.

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