Robotech Ghost Ship – Sean’s Pick, 050817

One of the properties screaming for a reboot in fandom is the immensely powerful Robotech giant transforming robot anime. Although the rights remain tangled in a web of Japan-to-America legal webbing that may never be fully resolved, the one company ever able to untangle that web enough to do some fun stuff with the property is Palladium, and now one of the more popular sourcebooks from the Robotech RPG line is available on DriveThruRPG. Fans of the game and fans of the series will want this one.

Robotech® Ghost Ship Adventure Sourcebook, 1988 Edition

Explore the ruins of a Zentraedi Salan Scout ship, but is it an abandoned ship – a “ghost ship” – or is it a trap? Find out.

An RDF Reconnaissance team must stealthily penetrate a seemingly derelict Zentraedi warship that is suspected to be a base for Zentraedi terrorists. The adventure takes place aboard the alien vessel. Floor plans and stats of the Salan Scout offer a platform for future battles and adventures. Macross or Southern Cross setting.

  • The Zentraedi Salan Scout Ship floor plans and stats.
  • Ghost Ship adventure outline.
  • Additional Zentraedi items and adventure ideas.
  • RDF in space! And working with the Southern Cross.
  • Space pirates and more.

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