Fleet (Shatterzone) – Sean’s Pick, 050417

A flashback to some sci-fi goodness of the past as Precis Intermedia continues their march to bring Shatterzone back into the spotlight. A very solid sci-fi-with-cyberpunk elements setting I had the pleasure of doing some work for back in the day. Definitely stuff worth mining for your own science fiction gaming, no matter what system.

Use the Consortium of Worlds’ most deadly arm in your Shatterzone campaign. A monolith of power and a force for destruction all rolled into one gamemaster tool, Fleet can be the ultimate motivating factor for any campaign.

This book explains how the powerful, dangerous, and enigmatic Fleet can be utilized without completely disrupting a normal campaign. It also illustrates how a completely normal campaign can be blown to hell… if that is what the gamemaster is looking to do.

This classic scanned reprint of Fleet™ requires the Shatterzone™ core rules (either the original boxed set or classic reprint).

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