Savage Species: Aliens – Sean’s Pick, 050117

Quick, ready-made stuff to drop into your campaign is one of the best things about today’s publishing landscape for RPGs. The folks of Tricky Troll get that, and here’s a good sign of it. A collection of playable alien races to add to any Savage Worlds sci-fi or related game. This would be a great thing for any Last Parsec or Savage Rifts game, for example.

Savage Species: Aliens is a racial supplement for the Savage Worlds roleplaying game. Inside this PDF you will find statistics for 20 playable races all alien in origin. The races in this product are designed to be used in almost any Sci-Fi setting. So prepare your imagination with Savage Species: Aliens!

Sean Patrick Fannon
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PS – Apologies for some inconsistency lately (especially with not posting the Week’s Picks on EN World. Life is a bit… stressful, but I am working on getting back on track.

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