Hershey Family Support Bundle – Sean’s Pick, 042017

One of the greatest things about DriveThruRPG is the capacity to mix “Amazing Deals On Lots of Gaming Stuff” with “Exceptional Opportunity to Help Others.” That’s what this special bundle is about, as you can get 32 products valued at over $230 for…


$20 for… what? Holee… you know what, just look below. Grab this while you can, and I promise there’s something in there that will make it worth your while. Meanwhile, here’s who you’re helping, and why –

This is a support product for the Hershey family as they deal with the medical bills and treatment. Unlike other bundles and charity work I’ve done, this bundle is to help out my own family. . . mainly my wife’s ongoing medical expenses and needs. For the last 10 years, she has battled with Crohn’s Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and chronic kidney stones. Paying her medical bills and keeping her as healthy as possible has been a tremendous task, and when emergencies come up, it can be very stressful to meet the needs to get her the help she needs. This bundle will run till the end of the week, check it out, and pick it up if you can. It has a lot of great products from some of our favorite publisher friends. – Rick Hershey

Rick Hershey is a good guy, a talented creator, and a friend. You do me honor if you buy this.

A selection of products you will find within –

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