Fantastic People In Need – Happiness, Peace, and Dreams 042017

Thomas Kozak and Jennifer Kozak

These are two people that I love and adore (as does Carinn Seabolt), and a great many of you who read me regularly have been where they are in some way or another. Today, I put to you that, if you have a little to share, they are good folks with whom you should. Help them “get to the other side” of their current struggles.

Thank you.

As a lot of you know, it’s been a rough few months since I was let go by my former employer. With help from friends and some other sources we have mostly managed to keep our heads above water and keep things turned on…and I finally have a pretty good number of very positive job opportunities which I expect will have me once again gainfully employed very soon. We are also planning a big garage sale in collaboration with my aunt, who has a ton of stuff in her house she wants to get rid of. So that’s all positive.

So I sincerely hope this is the last time I need to ask my friends to help out…but we’re going to need to do it again, I’m afraid. Expenses both expected and unexpected (see Jenn’s adventure in Kentucky from a couple of weeks ago) are building up pretty heavily, and while I really do expect to get past this unemployment thing very soon, we need to get from here to there and I’m going to ask my friends one more time to help out, as much as I hate doing so.

If you can help us get some things paid before things get too ugly, we would be eternally grateful.

Thank you. – Thomas AKA Abiron

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