The Dark Creed: Cultists

Back to the usual eclectic approach for the Picks this week, and opening up with a supplement for the Nemezis line from GRAmel that features dark magic in a technological world gone mad. GRAmel is a great company based in Poland bringing a fresh perspective and exceptional design to our hobby.

The universe of Nemezis is a technological one. Omnipresent global networks and advanced technologies, including genetic engineering and
nanoid treatments, redefine humanity and its limits. People are great at self-destruction. 

This sourcebook is about those humans who are against main characters from Nemezis Core Rulebook – cultists of the Dark Gods. 

In this pdf you will find:

– Goals of Cults, 

– Cult Generator,

– Magic in Practice,

– How your players can join the cult,

– Cult descriptions (from structure to goals or their influence), 

– Gunsang – new place in Nemezis universe, of course with it’s secrets!, 

– New spells, 

– Demons, new monster type for Cults/Horde, 

– New insight into Nemezis, 

– And more! 

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