Forged in Magic: Reforged – Sean’s Pick, 041017

Years ago, I remarked that Paradigm Concepts – the guys behind Living Arcanis – knew how to build a community and get a living campaign going. Their current Kickstarter, designed to bring Arcanis fully into the 5th Edition, inspires this week’s theme – 5e Week. Though the KS is for the entire Arcanis setting to get translated, they’ve already released on big, useful book for 5e fans to get excited about.

Unlock the Treasures of the Ages…

Legends speak of heroes wielding magical weapons and enchanted relics, battling great evils and righting wrongs throughout the world. Whether created by dwarven master smiths, mage artificers or built by inhuman hands, you’ll find them all here, within this tome.

…And Forge your Legend!

Forged in Magic: REFORGED presents over 400+ magic items for your 5E campaign – from enchanted weapons, armors, rings and shields to mystical potions, magical staffs and a myriad of wondrous items.

You’ll also find a new rules, such as Other Worldly Patrons for Warlocks, new weapons, armors, spells and a Rune Magic system that gives versatility to magic items without unbalancing your game.

This book is an indispensable resource for both players and Game Masters alike.

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