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Savage Mojo, the curators and caretakers of my first “Big Epic Project” in gaming, Shaintar, have launched a new Kickstarter that brings together everything wonderful about the worldwide shared, living campaign we called Justice & Life and elevates it into a next-level experience you have to see (and play) to believe. Join countless others across the world in an epic high fantasy experience in which what you do matters and has an impact.

Shaintar is the Epic High Fantasy setting from Sean Patrick Fannon for the award winning Savage Worlds tabletop roleplay system.

Shaintar is a rich and detailed fantasy setting, loved by gamers for decades. A few years ago, excitement built around the idea of a shared experience in Shaintar which would shape the very world itself. Sean Patrick Fannon’s living campaign was born: Justice & Life. We’ll talk more about this later.

   About the same time, Savage Mojo helped Sean run a Kickstarter to create an amazing variety of source material for Shaintar. While Sean had to step back from much of the project, Savage Mojo took over the realm of Shaintar, allowing our friend to focus on other parts of his life while still being involved in the creative process.

   In January 2017 we delivered the last of the 26 books in that Kickstarter. Guidebooks for kingdoms and cities, reports on organizations (both good and evil), short adventures and… but where was the killer campaign book, the epic story line for an epic fantasy world?

   That’s where the living campaign comes in. Those gaming groups have been running epic story arcs non-stop, and it’s time to bring some of those into the spotlight. With your help we’re going to publish their first, amazing story arc for everyone to enjoy, and have you tell the story for yourselves in your own way.

The living campaign is a form of collaborative storytelling. It’s pretty amazing and here’s how it works: every game that takes place in the community affects the story line for that year. The events of one group may affect others while progressing the overall story arc to a dramatic conclusion.

   Best of all, events that happen in Justice & Life change the world, permanently. They become part of the lore of Shaintar, so participants from all over the world have a chance to write the future of the entire setting.

   In 2013 the year in Shaintar was 3123… the year of Thundering Skies.

   “This has been, by far, the most rewarding experience I’ve had the pleasure of partaking in!” ~ James Olexa, Jan 2017

Shaintar’s first worldwide campaign event saw strange beings appear – wind wraiths, lightning elementals and storm magi, among many others. These elemental beings weren’t from Shaintar, but the storm magi were native beings transformed by the Godstrike Tempest. Intelligent and powerful, they’d figured out how to control these storm beasts and used them as a powerful combat force to fulfill their secret master’s agenda.

   Who’s the secret master? What’s the agenda? Justice & Life was mobilized. Heroes scrambled to defend Shaintar and repel the attacks, to investigate and strike back.

   That’s the basic story, but what’s next?

In what we believe is the true spirit of Kickstarter, we have a unique opportunity for collaborative storytelling and without Kickstarter we wouldn’t have the fund to develop it into a finished book. It’s as simple as that. This is what Kickstarter was made for, after all.

   Right now we have the core of the story arc and some amazing characters, locations, and encounters from the Justice & Life groups. The next stage is to turn that into a campaign sourcebook for every fantasy roleplayer to enjoy, and we’re giving backers the chance to contribute too (see the Collaboration reward tiers). 

   By backing this project, not only do you have the opportunity to play through the campaign, you also have the chance to shape the story of Shaintar. The events in the book will be official canon for the Shaintar setting, the definitive write-up of Year 3123 in Shaintar history.

   This is a unique opportunity to join in on the ground level of a thriving community of GMs and players who are telling vibrant and epic high fantasy stories. We want to tell those stories right, and to give others the ability to share in them.

Shaintar Year 3123: Thundering Skies adventure. The player’s gazetteer is 32 pages long. It contains some setting information and enough story background to help someone new to Shaintar get started. There’s also a number of new Edges, gear and other special goodies offered.

   The GM’s section contains everything in 64 glorious pages. You get the full plot-point campaign, Savage Tales, specific setting information not provided to players, and stats for all the bad guys from great to small. This is your full toolkit for running an epic high fantasy campaign your group will remember for years.

   Note for print versions: see the “Shipping” section below.

   Special opportunities available. We’re giving you the opportunity to be creatively involved and to influence the story. Design allies that help the heroes, memorable enemies who add new challenges, or plot twists to increase the depth of the story. See the Collaboration reward tiers for those options. They’re limited, and a one-time opportunity to have your name in the credits of this epic roleplay book.

   “This is the first tabletop I’ve ever even considered playing. I’ve played video games and MMOs from the early age of 5 (I had older brothers). I always thought tabletop was weird and a little strange but out of all the games I’ve played this is by far one of the best storylines I’ve been introduced to and the writer in me thrives for it. I’m entirely spoiled from playing any other game – ever; mostly in large part because Shaintar is an amazingly fantastical place and Howard Brandon is one hell of a GM. ” ~ Ashley Leuenberger 

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