Shaintar Adventure: In Lord Severance’s Service – Sean’s Pick, 032417

We round out the Week of Adventure with this special Shaintar release, something that goes way back to when my dear friend Aaron “Ace” Acevedo (Pinnacle’s Art Director, among many things) used to play the (in)famous Lord Damon Severance in my campaign. This was when we played the setting in Fuzion and it was part of the dearly-departed Shards of the Stone project. The legacy of the ex-Prelacy bishop turned Church of Light spymaster continues to this day, as this adventure reveals.

Lord Damon Severance has a problem…and needs your help!

In Lord Severance’s Service will take a party of heroes on a two part adventure. First, its time to find out who is asking questions about the Cauldron’s. It’s only been a hundred years since they were all opened and NO ONE wants that to happen again – except maybe those crazy Kal-A-Nar people. Who is asking questions? What do they want? Where are they from? Solve those questions and you may have time to save Galea from something horrible.

Our second half takes the heroes to the Wildlands, where shipments of chrysarium have been disappearing. Since most people who use it are able to buy the mineral when its available this could be the work of some twisted mage or druid. Who is stealing the chrysarium? Why do they need so much when only fairly small amounts are required to power the Builder devices we’ve seen? Why would they steal unrefined chrysarium – it would be better to wait until it was usable, right? Why is this so important Lord Severance himself is involved? 

While most of the questions above are answered in this fun adventure, it ends with a question for you. Answering it could give you clues and influence over the next part of the Living Campaign…

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