Deadlands: Paradise Lost – Sean’s Pick, 031417

Whether you’re a Deadlands: Reloaded fan (playing it Savage Worlds style), or an aficionado of Deadlands Classic, the “Night Train,” John Goff, has something very special for you with this adventure. Statted for both, this is one of the many great adventures written by the man who knows the Weird West very well.

In the Weird West, not all tracks show up on a map, and not all trains are scheduled. During the Great Rail Wars, an unexpected whistle in the night usually meant bad news, and for Paradise, Idaho, it still does. An unscheduled train is rolling into the station, it’s bringing Hell with it–just maybe not the one you’d expect given the author of this nightmare, John “Night Train” Goff.

Slap on your six-guns and help the residents of a peaceful mining town square off against a powerful foe from Deadlands’ future…and past!  

This adventure requires the Deadlands Classic game system to play OR Deadlands Reloaded—it’s dual statted for both!

Sean Patrick Fannon
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