High Fantasy Magic (Fate) – Sean’s Pick, 031017

Fate fans, whether focused on Fate Core or the more streamlined Fate Accelerated, have something new to be excited about – a “drop in” magic system with its foundations in the Core part of the rules. What’s really interesting is that I think those wanting a Mage-style experience in Fate will want to look at this because it eschews spell lists for a much more open-ended, creative approach to magic. Created by Nathan Hare, known for really useful Fate accessories.

“. . . [High Fantasy Magic] feels like the kind of thing that should have been in the Core rules – aspects for permissions, skills for actions, stunts for bonus stuff. Well done.”

Christopher Dolunt (Author of Savage Worlds: Rippers)

“. . . I like that it’s a very light touch on the existing skills and action system. Very good from my perspective of not bolting on lots of extras.”

Rory Bracebuckle (Author of Perilous Intersections)

High Fantasy Magic is a simple, freeform magic system designed for Fate Core and Fate Accelerated. Its goal is to be a drop-in magic system with a high fantasy tone while sticking closely to Fate Core and providing the same amount of flexibility in character creation and progression. There are no spell lists. Instead, the players can choose which types of magic they can use via a list of magic disciplines. Then, the players are encouraged to use the power they have in whatever creative ways they can think of. The freeform nature of this magic system allows for simple adjudication of the rules and a low barrier to entry. Whether you use it in it’s entirety or pick it apart as a toolkit, this is a great resource for magical, fantasy settings.


 High Fantasy Magic includes the following:

  • Simple rules to handle a wide variety of magical abilities
  • A list of magical disciplines
  • Tips for managing the varying potency of magic
  • Rules for animating creatures to your aid
  • Example stunts for magic users
  • Tons of examples

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